The Current

ImageAmongst it all… I could feel myself revving up. My body is heightened, emotional, and I feel as though I have far too much time to think, and yet everything is a blur. 

Breathe Katie, BREATHE.

I am not alone, I am supported. What I’m doing will benefit all parties involved, just remain patient. 

It’s hard when you love where you are. I’m not talking my home (although I do love where I am), I mean my location. Close to the ocean, close to the city, close to whatever the F I want. 

Just breathe…. 

Another leap on my own. It’s HARD. Hard to jump without feeling a net beneath you… Without those arms supporting you until you don’t feel the ground beneath you. 

I’m a big girl.. This I know. 

I know this move is a huge one. Everything I am doing is already moving in the direction I am wanting it to. 

But … 

There’s just… 

You know the little things. The things I’ve created for myself here. It’s hard to walk away. 

Just because I’m amongst the current doesn’t mean I’ll get swept away. 

In the clouds… and yet grounded. I’ve got this! 



We all have it, we all want more of it, we are even better at wasting it.


Yes I have touched base on time before, only this time it has a different glow to it.

I have been including people in my life lately. Yes,… Dating.

I don’t talk often about it, nor do I feel I need to, but sometimes the urge to spew out myDSC_9677 thoughts really just overcome everything in me.

The past week I have posted a couple dating related statuses. To me, they were a big ol SIGH … and release of energy. In some cases yes it is a mild way of letting the world know I am dating. I haven’t been dating up until a couple months ago. During this journey I have learned what I want to invest my time in, and how I would like to feel in doing so. BE it growth, laughter, companionship, cuddles from babes, cooking, reading, walking, SILENCE.

What I have learned in these past couple months has been eye opening. Especially for an energy reader who goes with intuition.

I am learning what is important to me in myself, in myself with someone, and in someone (Possibly The One). This my friends is a very long process, a lot of trial an error, some risks, and some yes… heart ache.

Through a recent course of events I learned an impacting insight about myself that I will share with you.

The walls that used to protect this person (ME) are no longer. It was a reckless surprise of emotion that erupted in me after an abrupt ending to something I felt had future. As most would, I went inside, took stock, reassessed, shook off the dust and felt my soul staring back at me smiling (tearfully)… saying as though: “Look you’re still alive! That wasn’t so bad was it!” This in relation to me changing my approach to dating, living a This is ME way of getting to know someone… I realized I am finally without walls.

Most may take this as a surprise as I am Extroverted to the world (or so I am perceived as). A blunt soul who speaks her mind, kicking ass and taking names so to speak. I do what I feel is right for me, and don’t look back (or try not to regret my decisions). Over the years I somehow without my knowledge built these protective walls around me, around my core soul… The would hold me back over time, feel like the weight of the world, and burden the woman I know I am.

They are rumble now, I see the light, and my soul is glowing once again, and I know you feel it.

Dating is a world of unknown, most use it to try to fill a void, find THE ONE through a lot of sifting, and as a learning process to find oneself.

I am grateful for my process, grateful for all I have met, and even more grateful for those who may not have turned out to be the ONE are turning into amazingly close friends.

My time right now is an investment, and I am investing wisely… sometimes spontaneously, and always full heartedly, all I ask for in return is an equal investment.

A lesson well learned.

Be well my loves. ❤

My nest was just woven!


Co-parenting, decisions and intentions.

We decided to see if Hayden could get early acceptance into preschool, I wrote the needed letter, we both came to the conclusion it WOULD be a great thing for our little guy, as he’s not around anyone his own age, and he needs to be in a structured program that would benefit him in the long run. Yes he’s young… and a boy.

{Insert extremely fast heart rate here}

I got a call this morning, as I was listening to the absolutely great news about his early acceptance, I swear I had a mild panic attack. A mild form of empty nest? It’s only a couple hours twice a week, but then you think of all his little boy tendencies and think is he ready?

Like wowsers…

They are trained professionals, and I remember watching a little boy have a full on crying breakdown before his mom passed him off to the teacher, when Soph was attending…

Huge step in our world! HUGE.

My baby cub starts preschool on Tuesday… TUESDAY. I was expecting a good 3 months to prepare my mind and thinking, now I have 3 days. Hahah…

Oh life!

BE well and embrace the doors that are opening my loves!


Bye bye walls.

As I stare out the window… the leaves holding onto the last rainfall with such care I smile at the reflection in the liquid.

One sleeps, two are curled up watching a show and happily in each others presence. This grants me time.

Endless learning in my life, from my babes, friends and family, more so in myself.

I See myself, I FEEL myself, I am welcoming everything about me! Emotions are healthy. Being who you are no matter what is healthy.

It is a reflective moment in my life, the only difference this time is I have been sharing with friends. Sitting down, engaging and investing in friendships. Taking time for myself, also still enjoying my adventures which will NEVER leave me.

This rain has been refreshing and cleansing all in one. It reminds me I’m alive, and that’s absolutely WONDERFUL.

My perspective of life goes as follows:

  • A new haircut for a 4 year old is a very big transition as now there are little boys who can and will laugh- Reminder be aware of your babes signs and talk to them about it.
  • A little boys Choo Choo is his WORLD, sleeping with it will not corrupt them for life.
  • Sitting down for meals at a table with my babes has to be the best moment of my day.
  • Watching Hayden missing our Soph has made the love for my own little brother grow, and for my older sister as she must of felt this with me…
  • The friendships I have been forming in my life, feel as though they will be as life long as my childhood life long friendships.
  • My Intuition will LEAD me for life, even if that means I feel sadness. All is healthy.
  • The priority to invest in my babes lives undivided had to have been the best decision of my life, and most fulfilling.
  • Rain or shine, my babes will have memories of their mama walking them to school, as I do of my own.
  • Gratitude fills me… literally.
  • I am growing… every minute, every day, and smile because of it.

True to myself I pledged, and I am sticking to my guns. This life presently feels right, FEELS RIGHT, riding the waves as they hit, and taking the chance when the time is right… I’ll never learn unless I do.

Be yourself, love yourself.. embrace yourself.

Be well my loves.

Alternatives: Babe tested & Approved

I take a lot of things into consideration. I know our babes are being cared, for, loved, enjoyed, snuggled, tickled, taught, and most of all fed… but I also know kid tendencies and what they would choose if they knew what was really in the food I make them. 

Sneaky Mama in the kitchen!

It is not abnormal for me to cook two different meals daily for dinner. I’ve been doing this for about as long as I remember, even before kids. With my lifestyle change I have learned a great deal about food. Symptoms, side effects, and all that’s in between. Sadly I learned the hard way as most of us do. 

Disclaimer: Everything I write about is from my OWN personal experience, I do not have any dietary professional training. Any advice you feel could be helpful I’m grateful,… but you have been warned. 

My babes are carnivores, wheat & dairy eaters. Yup.. there I said it. 

Soph is quite picky, texturally, consistency, and she sticks to what she likes. END OF STORY. 

Hayden on the other hand eats like Soph, & like me. He will enjoy my trail mix, dried fruit, fruit, veggies & alternative baked goods.

My goal is to get as much GOODNESS (raw goodness) in them when I have them under my roof as possible. This task is not always an easy one, good thing I’m stubborn and motivated. 

I have been involved with a cupboard of different types of flours, and I love that I have a choice. 

I react to wheat. 

Symptoms: Bloating, heaviness, tummy-aches, high yeast in body, influx in eczema, dry skin.

Wheat is in everything (I struggle avoiding it completely as if you read every label, wheat, dairy, and soy are in everything), so I embrace the kitchen and USE IT. Yes that thing that has a stove, a fridge, and a sink… it’s meant to be used, not just to heat or reheat… 

Enter Pancakes. Like most my babes LOVE pancakes. It’s easy to buy the pre-made dry mix and just add milk/water.. but honestly it’s basic ingredients that should be in everything pantry, or in mine, alternative ingredients. 

What most use- What I use

Wheat flour- Almond Flour, Brown Rice Flour

Sugar- Honey or Cinnamon

Baking Powder- Baking Powder (I honestly don’t know if there is an alternative)

Egg- 1 TBSP Chia Seeds + 3 TBSP warm water= Combine until thick

Oil- Apple Sauce (homemade) OR OMIT (Oil is not my friend)

Milk- Here is the tricky one, I have tried almond milk (not a fan in baking), regular yogurt (might as well use reg milk)… next on the list to try is Greek Yogurt, OR USE Banana(mashed)

Salt- Omit or be minimal 

Why Do I need alternatives? Because who likes watching their kids eat wonderful fluffy pancakes and you can either kill yourself after you eat the regular ones, or you try your damnedest to create something you can ALL enjoy (without your littles knowing). 


Now don’t take me for a parent who doesn’t allow their babes to enjoy a hotdog and juice box. I’m not that hardcore… but everything in moderation. Remember the days when you used to get a half a cup of something 1 day a week and you savored every single sip because you knew that was all you were getting. Try and bring that back. 

REAL food CAN be extremely tasty, and if your babes push their plate away today, doesn’t mean they will tomorrow. 


Next in the test kitchen: Homemade “Chips” OVEN baked, not fried. 

Autumn Roast

The smell of cinnamon, and pumpkin spice fills me as soon as the air begins to cool down. Noticing the leaves start to change has my inspiration spike through the roof.

This is my time of year, my season, everything about it… I enjoy. Warmer layers, dewy mornings, hot beverages throughout the day,.. among everything I love creating.

Fabric, yarn, edibles, visuals… you name it passion spills from me.

Tonight while I took a night off from bribing my babes into eating Mommy’s Healthy dinner (gave them their monthly cheese pizza), I felt rather lazy for myself. I happily pushed through, and chopped up everything I could get my hands on and wanted to share it with you.

Autumn Roast

Chop into 1 inch rounds:1239682_10153260011800612_616906475_n

  • 1-2 Sweet Potatoes
  • 2 Parsnips
  • 2 Large Carrots
  • 1-2 Apples (cube)


  • Throw in a handle full of whole mushrooms
  • 2 halved Garlic Cloves

Sprinkle with EVOO, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ground ginger…. Toss in oven baking cookware

Oven set at 400 degrees

Bake for 45 Mins!

One of my favorites of the season!

Whole Wheat Pancakes w/ Chia Seed substitute


1 Cup Whole Wheat Flour

1 Tbsp Brown Sugar

1 Tsp Baking Powder

1/4 Tsp Baking Soda

1/4 Tsp Salt

Egg Sub= 1 Tbsp Chia Seeds + 3 Tbsp Water (soak prior)

1 Cup Milk

2 Tbsp Cooking Oil OR Apple Sauce

Combine all dry ingredients in one bowl

Combine all liquid ingredients in another bowl

Add Liquid mixture to dry, mix until blended (don’t over mix).

Pan fry sand dollar size (for babes).